Highlights/ Past Events

  • PhD Defense: On 20 September 2023, Shanya Ruhela successfully defended her PhD thesis titled Multi-level Banking Regulatory Landscape: Crisis & Opportunities to Lobby for Trade Associations.

  • International Workshop on “Data Governance in Banking and Finance: What Role for the Industry?” held on 26 April 2023 as an online only event. TILT and TILEC organized a half-day international workshop on data governance in the financial industry. This workshop brought together academics, practitioners, and policymakers for a discussion of the role of private standard-setting bodies in financial data governance. The workshop aimed to identify and assess existing and emerging governance frameworks for financial data and in particular the role the industry is assuming in those frameworks. This workshop was organized against the backdrop of the ongoing technological transformation of the financial industry and seeks to inform current discussions about its policy implications.

    Participants in this workshop were invited to consider private standard-setting bodies’ growing interest in financial data governance as a strategy of organizational resilience. Contributions to the workshop reflected on questions, such as how did the emergence of the regulatory framework for financial markets contribute to private standard-setting bodies’ growing involvement with data governance? How do such bodies seek to influence data governance frameworks and are they directly involved in such frameworks? How (if at all) are private standard-setting bodies’ governance frameworks shaped by data governance frameworks? How do technological and commercial consideration factor into data governance strategies adopted by private standard-setting bodies? Are the emerging data governance frameworks adequate to address potential challenges that could arise as the technology endorsed by private standard-setting bodies becomes the focal point of the technological infrastructure of the market?

    For details on Program and Workshop Access, visit this Tilburg University webpage.

  • International Workshop on ‘The Historical Evolution of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute: Legitimacy Strategies and Dynamics’, held on 23rd November 2022 at Tilburg University.

  • Seminar on ‘Standardization: Access, Expertise,and Good Governance’ on 29 June 2022 at Tilburg University. On the occasion of Prof. Kees Stuurman’s farewell, TILT organised a seminar on policy and legal issues in standardization. The seminar aimed to gather a diverse set of academics, policymakers and experts in standard-setting to discuss a number of legitimacy- and diversity-related issues, in particular access, expertise, and governance of standardization in Europe. From the REVEAL team, Shanya Ruhela, and Prof. Delimatsis served as co-organisers of the seminar.

  • International Conference on ‘The Evolution of Transnational Private Rule-Makers: Understanding Drivers and Dynamics’ - held on 03-04 December 2020 at Tilburg University.

  • Workshop on ‘Resilience of Private Collective Action in Finance and Manufacturing: Theoretical Challenges’ - held on November 05, 2019.

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